Why I Wouldn’t Date A Chef

Disclaimer : I actually do love chefs and think they make great friends (and I have quite a few myself).

But chefs as girlfriends? Thanks, I’ll pass.

First things first, it is no secret my life revolves around food. My profession is food. I spend the same time eating and talking about food as a chef spends making that food. Now, enter chef girlfriend and all we will end up talking about is … food. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. But it’d be great to come home to my girlfriend and not talk about food sometimes. Also, let’s face it, women are sensitive and chefs are infamous for taking critique very seriously — which means meals together will probably be an episode of Hell’s Kitchen.

And going out for a meal to other restaurants would involve us both (out of nothing but sheer habit and passion) ripping apart and critiquing every single ingredient. Very romantic.

And if I ever manage to move past that, the working hours. Chefs work late nights, all year round. Which means we will only see each other in bed — to sleep. I love sex and my biggest nightmare is my chef girlfriend coming home telling me she’s exhausted, which will be inevitable. Forget real sex, she’ll never be able to partake in sexting either. Which, alone, is reason enough for me to not date a chef.

Basically, I’ll be dating and raging by myself on the weekends and otherwise. And my patience threshold will be seriously put to test. The culinary world (and from someone who is a part of it) — isn’t a pretty one. And it takes fortitude to endure being with a social animal like me.

So being in a relationship with a chef (and believe me, I’ve had opportunities) sounds like a recipe for disaster. Well, atleast for me.

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