The trek (to) Upstairs is definitely worth it

On a fine Tuesday evening, I ditched my usual shenanigans for a meal at the newly opened “Upstairs at Indian Accent“, The Lodhi, New Delhi. A great fan of Chef Manish Mehrotra, the man behind Indian Accent’s unique menu, I was looking forward to this exciting pop-up concept by the folks at Indian Accent.

“Upstairs at Indian Accent“ is basically an experimental zone for acclaimed chefs from around the world to showcase their distinctive cuisines. Their first guest chef is Claude Bosi, an A-list chef of innovative French cuisine with two shining Michelin stars in his hat (and a massive Twitter scandal looming over his head). Yeah yeah, he’s the hot-blooded chef who became famous for his bitter spat with a critical blogger on Twitter. Pretty cool guy, huh? To be honest, I was pretty excited to meet him too. Makes me wonder whether Bosi could be the inspiration behind the famous blockbuster film ”Chef”?!

He is presently the head chef at Bibendum at the Michelin House in London. In fact, did you know that Bibendum is actually what we all commonly refer to as Michelin Man? Yeah, it’s that cute white mascot of the Michelin tire company.

Anyway coming back to my night. So I reached The Lodhi, walked past Indian Accent’s large glass atrium and made my way Upstairs (literally) to an exclusive 30-seater space. Perfectly intimate and tastefully done.

Dinner was a stupendous nine-course tasting menu, each course paired with the right glass of wine. Shoutout to La Cave for a great wine selection, I particularly enjoyed the Valpolicella Classico. It was also cool to see how cleverly Claude Bosi has blended his European cooking techniques with Indian flavours. My favourite was probably the river sole- perfectly cooked with all the right flavours!

In addition to lots of familiar faces, Rohit Khattar (Founder Chairman, Old World Hospitality) and Chef Manish Mehrotra were around most of the time, making sure that everything went well. Now that I think about it, Rohit Khattar did seem kind of stressed (could it be the new Indian Accent that just opened doors in London?) Yeah well, probably.

Culinary maestro, Bosi, is serving a 6-course menu at lunch and a 9 courser at dinner for the next four weeks. Start making your reservations! I wonder who the next guest chef is going to be- these are pretty big shoes (plates) to fill.

All in all, as the French may say : Claude Bosi’s tasting menu, c’est très bien!

Beetroot Terrine
Representation picture is Sea Bass Grenobloise, I ate a river sole.
kanyakumari crab with apple and lemon
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