This summer; may the Fonzo be with you!

Summer brings with itself the sweet and floral aromas of ripe mangoes. During this time of the year, the daily dose of post-dinner sugar cravings are often replaced by this soul-satisfying pulpy decadence, or desserts made using it. For the kids, summer holidays have always been liberally seasoned with mangoes – either in form of good old shakes, homemade pannas, or even grandmas raw mango pickles!

The king of fruits a.k.a the national fruit of India (well, we boast of more than 100 native mango varieties – Alphonso from Maharashtra, Langra from Mumbai, and so on) needs no introduction. Its skin blushing orange, yellow, red, and green, Mango for sure is the undisputed leader of the tropical fruits brigade. The rich pulp, juiciness, and the faint fragrance of a ripened mango tantalizes your senses, seduces you, leaves you wanting more!

While the real treat is the fruit itself, a chilled and well-made mango drink proves to be the ultimate deal breaker when it comes to beating the heat and quenching that perpetuating thirst. This season give your taste buds a refreshing treat with the all-new Bisleri Fonzo – the bubbly mango!

When the magical concoction of the real Mango juice and the fizz cascades down your throat, the delectable taste of Mango juice makes you go MMM and the refreshing buzz of the fizz makes you go AAH. Introducing the lip-smacking drink of the season – BISLERI FONZO! #MMMbhiAAHbhi

Fonzo and Chilli Mule

The sweetness of mango in Fonzo gets an all-new high when spiked with the spiciness of chilly, and the aromas of fresh ginger!

Time: 10 mins
Method: Shaken

1/2 fresh red chilli sliced
60 ml mango puree

10 ml ginger syrup
60 ml vodka
Bisleri Fonzo

Fill up the cocktail shaker with ice
Add in the half the sliced chili, mango puree, ginger syrup, and vodka. Shake well
Take a mild red chili powder, mix with salt and apply to the rim of the cocktail glass
Fill up the prepared glass with ice and pour in the mix
Top up with Bisleri Fonzo
Garnish with the remaining sliced chili

Fonzo Paloma

Simply Fonzo, tequila, lime and a whole lot of ice!

Time: 5 mins
Method: Stir


1 tablespoon lime juice
45 ml tequila
60 ml grapefruit juice
1 Bisleri Fonzo


Take a high ball glass and fill it up with ice cubes
Add in all the ingredients and stir
Garnish with grapefruit. Voila!


Fonzo and Basil Cooler

Description: Mango and basil are a match made in heaven and so is this cocktail!
Time: 5 mins
Method: Muddle and strain


2-3 medium sized mango chunks
2-3 basil leaves
60 ml vodka
1 bottle Bisleri Fonzo


Take a cocktail shaker: add mango chunks, basil and muddle until pulpy and smooth.
Add the vodka
Strain into a highball glass filled with ice
Pour over one bottle of Bisleri Fonzo
Garnish with small mango chunks and basil. Serve immediately!

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