A Night out in New Delhi

The biggest luxury market in the country; where hedonism surrounds clubs and bars, I decided to decode the infamous nightlife of the capital city. The pre requisite for a night out with and for me is that can never be average. It has to be wild and an absolute rager. Here’s a first hand account of my Saturday night in Delhi.

7 PM >> Library Bar, The Leela Palace

Kickstarted my night here with a lovely (lady and) Hennessy XO. Fantastic vibe, definitely a place I always love going to — very classy but sadly very empty except the occasional old mavericks.

8 PM >> PaPaYa, Saket

Made my way to PaPaYa for dinner- my classy soiree was followed by a high energy vibe here. Grabbed a quick bite at the semi-busy bar, had a bottle of Soju with a friend. Who is it for? Those who don’t like to party in India.

10:30 PM >> Keya, Vasant Kunj

A few friends and I my way through a sea of school kids and A list degenerates to get to the Keya bar for an Absolut Elyx. Met a cute girl but it was probably illegal for me to even talk to her. So I had my drink as I watched little kids call for Champagne showers with daddy’s money.

11:30 PM >> Public Affair, Khan Market

Practically ran out of Keya to my favourite place in town to salvage my night. Bumped into all my friends and pounded Jager shots and got the Champagne flowing. No wannabe Delhi riff raff here. And a guaranteed great night. My friends planned an after party but my agenda for the night was to explore the nightlife of Delhi.

1:30 AM >> Electric Room, The Lodhi hotel

Finally, we decided to make our way to the newest addition to the Delhi nightlife scene — Electric Room or should I say Anidra 2.0. Lodhi Hotel opened doors to an underground 24 hours (apparent) Jazz bar. Claustrophobia peaks with all the smoking inside (which was officially obviously not allowed) and seeing the entire city doesn’t help. I order a Hendrick’s and cucumber for myself as a cougar walks up to hit on me. Code Red. I down my drink and head to List.

3:00 AM >> LIST, The Lalit Hotel

Love it or hate it, the inside room of Kitty Su is definitely the last destination on everyone’s nightout list. More shots, a few Chivas 18 on the rocks, great music and spot to end my night. Always a good idea.

Saw the sunrise en route home.

6:30 AM >> HOME

Shuchir decided to finally call it a night. My verdict? PaPaYa, Public Affair and List for a #MajorRager.

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