A fridgin’ good end to the night!

You can tell a lot about a person by what’s inside their fridge. Two tubs of ice-cream? Massive sweet tooth. A bottle of wine? Gets unwind time. Leftover soy and ketchup sachets? Hello, take-out life.

As for me, I often find my fridge stacked with multiple leftovers from my favorite places {courtesy my job- not complaining!}. Another thing that my job involves is lots of fun nights out on town. Those who know me are aware that I take my cocktails {read: G&Ts} as seriously as my food, if not more. Rewind to a raging Friday night a couple of weeks back when I poured myself a little too many gins! If experience has taught us anything it’s that a few drinks down, the need for comfort food kicks in. So when I got home, needless to say, that’s what I wanted. Somewhere between kicking my heels off and browsing through late night delivery options, I remembered the leftover chicken salad, pasta and truffle oil pizza in my fridge. The pasta and pizza were two/three days old so I was a bit skeptical about their freshness, taste, and texture. But, I decided to heat them anyway. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the food tasted absolutely fresh. All the original flavors were still intact. Wondering how?

Turns out that it was thanks to my recent purchase – LG’s Linear Top-Freezer Refrigerator. Equipped with top-notch Inverter Linear Compressor technology, not only is this fridge literally cool {seriously – it will keep your food fresh for up to 14 days}, but it’s also legitimately cool. Think Dual Fridge, Door Cooling, Moving Ice Maker, Auto Smart Connect & lots more. The Inverter Linear Compressor functions within a temperature range of ±0.5°C*, saves 32% energy, reduces noise by 25%, comes with a 10-year warranty and is certified for a lifespan of 20 years.

It also has an impressive door-in-door feature, i.e. an extra compartment outside the main fridge door. So all your grab and eat food {in my case, bars of chocolate} have a space of their own. Since I no longer need to worry about letting cold air out from the main fridge, I can take all the time I want deciding whether I want a Twix, a Bounty or well, both!

For me health has always come first; healthy eating is key to healthy living. LG’s Linear Cooling system keeps food fresh, healthy AND delicious. It boosts taste, texture, and longevity which means that you get to live off leftovers for as long as you like! Last minute house party? Remove the detachable ice-maker and you have plenty of space to chill beer.

A modern fridge that takes care of hygiene, energy savings, convenience, and design- pretty awesome right?

Futuristic and innovative, LG’s new fridge officially takes the boring away from appliances. Not only does it do its duty, it looks pretty rad too. Safe to say, my night ended with a ‘fridgin’ good {and delicious} note, courtesy LG’s Linear Top- Freezer Refrigerator. It’s the perfect fridge for someone that swears by leftovers, loves entertaining people at home, is an occasional cook or stocks up their freezer with mum’s food.

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