Experience: Tjoget, Stockholm

Tjoget in Stockholm, Sweden is one of the coolest bars I have been to. Absolutely no-nonsense and with all the ingredients for a great night out. A rather nondescript location, you have to walk through a barbershop called Roy & Sons to enter this place. Fantastic service, amazing vibe, super fun crowd (think cool older kids of Stockholm) and one of the best Old Fashioned I have tasted in my life.

So why am I sharing this with you? More than just a great recommendation, what really got me excited was the bartender first concept of this bar. The place is run by them. And the lively vibe and energetic crowd was proof. It was a nice change to call it a night here with warm smiles after the day. Alcohol clearly loosens up the Swedes!
I had a Stockholm cocktail that was Absolut based (obviously) and the open kitchen window made me a little hungry so I ordered some bite-sized food.

There really is nothing better in life than to be sipping on cocktails, eating cheese and laughing with genuinely cool and like-minded about how superfoods are now so passe and whatever the cool kids talk about.

Must visit for anyone travelling to Stockholm!

Details: Tjoget, Hornsbruksgatan 24, Stockholm, Sweden

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