My very bitter ordeal with Negroni

For those of you who luckily have not been introduced to the Negroni — it is typically a mix of red vermouth, Gin and Campari (the bitter, red Italian liqueur) — basically three spirits which someone, somewhere, once upon a time thought would be a great idea to mix.

See that dirty face I make

Drinking a Negroni kind of goes like this : You order it, it comes in a heavy crystal glass and the bartender gives you a “you have mature, great taste in cocktails” look. And then you take a sip. And gag. The three ingredients may as well have been swapped for salt, vinegar and bleach. or mouthwash — partly because of the uncomfortable burn and partly because of the immediate urge to spit it out.

So how is everyone else sipping them with straight faces — I have no idea.

First impressions most definitely are last impressions and this cliche cannot get any more appropriate than for cocktails. The first time I had a Negroni — It didn’t occur to me that I might not like this drink at all. Ever. In the world of ‘grown up, mature” cocktails, you are expected to like the Negroni. I don’t.

Adulthood has been made synonymous with acquiring a taste for a lot of different kinds of food and alcohol. Because apparently sipping on bitter, foul tasting drinks like the Negroni is the official step into drinking adulthood.

In which case, I’ll gladly remain a child.

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