7 movies that every food lover must watch

In a world filled with an army of food lovers, I decided to put together a list of movies for you to dig into this weekend! Order in some good grub and binge watch — there’s something for every taste bud.




Familial love, friendship (& of course food) blend together in a big bowl (or movie) of deliciousness as we travel across the country with Chef Carl Casper and his son’s food truck! After quitting his job at a fancy restaurant, Chef Carl Casper goes back to his culinary roots, whipping out #BetterThanSex Cuban sandwiches and tacos! Comfort food. Comfort movie.


Julie & Julia


Stellar cast, insane recipes, mouth-watering food — aka movie for tonight? A young blogger bakes, boils and grills her way through Julia Child’s cookbook. The heartwarming narrative will leave you satiated and may even inspire you to start cooking yourself! (or if you’re lazy just order in. And maybe put on the next movie on this list.)




No food movie list in complete without this name! Loved by kids and adults alike, this inspiring story is about how you don’t let anything or anyone stop you from chasing your dream (even if you’re a rat). You won’t stop smiling in awe and admiration as the protagonist rodent, Remy puts together some of the best dishes in town, rising to the ranks of a renowned French chef. This one definitely tugs at my heartstrings (don’t judge)


The Hundred -Foot Journey


Watch deliciousness unfold as flavoured Indian curries and vibrant colours take over a Michelin star restaurant in France. A journey across cultures, spices, flavours and relationships- this movie is the recipe for an unconventional Friday night. Also, you’ll want some beef bourguignon and chicken tikka masala right after. Just saying.


Haute Cuisine

A glimpse into the French President’s kitchen leads to luscious duck breasts, chunky escargot and exquisite salmon stuffed cabbage. Based on a true story, what I love is how each dish here is carefully prepared with elaborate detail. Bring out the silverware — Haute Cuisine makes for a perfectly filling meal.


Jiro Dreams of Sushi

This classic documentary might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I do recommend it for a quiet night at home. A celebration of true passion and dedication, the movie delves into how Michelin star restaurateur and sushi genius, Jiro Ono, beautifully crafts each sushi. Apparently, if you work with him he’ll let you cook the eggs after about 10 years! Yup, you’re up for an epicurean and intellectual treat.


No Reservations

“It’s the recipes you create yourselves that are the best” — this feel-good movie makes the key ingredient for a relaxed night in! A passionate story of recipes and relationships, it’s sure to stir up some emotions (& an appetite).

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